Altech 21 in Melbourne

Our Melbourne Contact Details

National Phone: 1300 668 308
Altech 21 Pty Ltd
ABN: 44 144 706 463
Address: 5/94 Abbott Road, Hallam, VIC, 3803
Main Contact: Jason Calangas
Mobile: 0414 977 151

Please note: Although we have physical locations in Queensland & Victoria our services cater all throughout Australia. Please give us a call or send us a message and one of our friendly team members will be able to assist you right away.

Do you run a gym, fitness suite or leisure centre in the Melbourne area? Do you find it a constant source of frustration making sure that you have the best equipment that is always well maintained?

When running a gym, it can be a huge blow to your reputation when clients find faulty, poorly maintained and damaged equipment or equipment that’s past its prime.

We understand that your clients want the best and the newest equipment.

We’re here to make installing new equipment and maintaining your existing equipment easy and affordable so that your clients always get the maximum benefit from your gym.

Helping bring beautiful bodies to Melbourne

We couldn’t be happier to help bring beautiful bodies to the super-hip bustling cosmopolitan hub that is Melbourne. It may not have the political pull of Canberra or the tourist-magnetising might of Sydney but Aussies and tourists alike flock to Melbourne every day to sample the delights of Victoria’s capital.

Arguably the cool capital of the country, Melbourne is known throughout Australia, heck the world for its plethora of awesome multicultural restaurants and bars, its thriving arts scene, super-hip cafe culture and awesome sports.

Melbourne is home to some gorgeous sites from the glorious Athenaeum Theatre to the stunning public library and of course the world famous cricket ground.

Melburnians enjoy a great standard of living. They work hard, and play harder… And many have a passion for health and fitness. That’s where we come in. You keep Melburnian clients on track with their fitness goals (gotta work off all that avocado toast, right?), and we provide you with the help and expertise you need to keep your gym running optimally.

Getting it done right first time

At Altech 21, we provide a wide range of professional gym services, fitness equipment repairs, installations and we can even help with relocations should you decide to move. We aim to bring you the very best service at a price you won’t believe, and always endeavour to get it right first time. Every time!

Our services in Melbourne includes;


We help to install your equipment with optimal speed and efficiency so that your clients can start enjoying it as quickly as possible. We also supply a range of refurbished equipment for cost-conscious gym owners.


We know that out of order equipment isn’t a great look on any gym. That’s why our expert and experienced technicians can be with you quickly to get your equipment back up and running again with lightning speed.


Just like your car, your gym equipment needs to be serviced regularly to keep it running at peak performance. Fortunately, we’re on hand for all of your equipment servicing needs.


Nobody likes to see ripped or worn upholstery on their equipment. Not you, and certainly not your clients. We’re on hand to replace your upholstery for a flawless finish.