Technogym Equipment Repairs in Melbourne


Technogym is one of the leading gym equipment manufacturers in the world, churning out thousands of high-quality machines every year. Despite this, things can and do go wrong with its products, necessitating repairs.

Who can you turn to for Technogym repairs?

Altech 21 is a Technogym repair service. We offer high-quality repairs to get your equipment back in working order, whether you have a small home gym or run a fitness business. With us, Technogym fitness equipment repairs don’t need to be expensive. We take care of everything, from supplying the spare parts to troubleshooting your electronics. Whatever the issue, we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Which Technogym Machines Do We Repair?

With Altech 21, you can repair all Technogym machines and equipment. These include:
  • Treadmills
  • Exercise bikes
  • Elliptical cross trainers
  • Rowers
  • Stair climbers
  • Upper body trainers
  • Group cycling equipment
  • Multi-gym and cable stations
  • Technogym is one of the most established sports equipment and gym brands in the world, used in thousands of gyms across Australia. You need a Technogym support service which can cater to any problem that should arise with your equipment. Our highly trained operatives know precisely how to restore your products to proper working order.

    Technogym Treadmill
    Technogym Excite Stepper

    Get Spare Parts

    Replacing Technogym equipment is expensive. The products are great and long-lasting, but the upfront cost is steep. Wherever possible, you’d prefer to repair issues that arise, not replace entire units.

    Technogym repair parts can be difficult to source, but with us as your maintenance and repair partner, it’s easy. Call on us today to get spare parts and avoid replacing your entire machine.

    Specialist Troubleshooting

    Technogym treadmill repair can be challenging. As technology progresses, the company’s products become increasingly sophisticated. The more advanced that they become, the harder it is for homeowners and gym bosses to carry out their own repairs, maintenance and troubleshooting.

    With Altech 21, you get all the troubleshooting you need, whether you have a problem Technogym treadmill, stationary bike or multi-gym. Our team of professional service people quickly identify and solve problems. We deal with issues with displays, mechanical problems, and unpleasant noises or clunking movements during use.

    Gym equipment being repaired. Treadmill motor being worked on in Melbourne

    Why Keep Your Technogym Fitness Equipment In Good Health?

    Save Money

    Professional gym equipment isn’t cheap: it represents a substantial investment of your resources. Because of this, you want it to pay off long term. You don’t want to have to replace machines every few years just because one or two parts have worn out.

    Repair Experts

    When it comes to fitness equipment, we’re the experts. We understand how these machines wear out and what you can do now to prevent it. With proper care, your equipment could last for many years to come without you needing to replace it.

    Customer Satisfaction

    If you run a gym, keeping your equipment running is even more critical. Not only do you need to protect your bottom line, but you also want to ensure that your customers can use your Technogym every time they come to the gym. Maintenance and repair help to improve member satisfaction.